Words to Live By


A is for Affirmations

Humans think 90 percent negative thoughts. Change your mindset by starting your day with positive affirmations.


B is for Bravery

It pays to be brave. Part of making hard decisions is being brave enough to do so.


C is for Compromise

There will be decisions that require compromise. The ability to see the bigger picture has to overcome your need to only see your own perspective.


D is for Discovery

The decisions you make in life- whether good or bad- will lead to self-discovery one way or another.


E is for Education

Educating yourself before making decisions is the best way to weigh out your options.


F is for Future

The choices we make today determine where we go tomorrow.


G is for Grit

The strength of your character can be a determining factor of your success.


H is for Healthy

Making healthy choices can lead to a healthy life. Choose to surround yourself in environments that serve you with people who make you better.


I is for Inspire

Be inspired by the steps you are taking. Progress leads to inspiration.


J is for Justify

This one is a little different. You should NOT justify your decisions to anyone but yourself. Don't live a life that wasn't meant to be yours.


K is for Kindness

Being kind with yourself and others will lead to an simpler experience.


L is for Living

We only live once. Tomorrow isn't promised, so live for today.


M is for Movement

For those who don't move will always be stagnant.


N is for New

Embrace new beginnings. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.


O is for Optimism

The way you think about yourself and your life is reflected in your reality.


P is for Perseverance

No matter what happens, you must persevere through the up and down battles.


Q is for Question

When it comes to making life changing decisions you must ask questions. This is your life.


R is for Resilience

Life hits everyone, recover quickly from difficulties and spring back from your fall.


S is for Success

Success is up to you. The meaning of it, when you achieve it, and what you consider to be success is entirely up to you.


T is for Tough

Tough is going to happen. Work on yourself so much, that you are always ready for the tough.


U is for Unique

Don't let the influence of others determine your tomorrow. Let your unique take on the world be your influence on it.


V is for Virtue

Remember to stay within your moral compass during your path to success.


W is for Work

You better work! Do today what others won't do in order to have the life tomorrow that others don't have.


X is for X

The lesson here is that sometimes you just won't have the answer.


Y is for You

This journey is all about you. You can be whoever you want to be as long as you understtand that you are bigger than your circumstances.


Z is for Zen

I know you really want to win, but sometimes it is necessary to take a deep breathe. Don't lose your zen in your pursuit of happiness.